Franklin Woman's Club Members Attended a Public Hearing on November 5, 2018 to tell the NJDEP to deny a Freshwater Wetlands Individual Permit for the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE).

The New Jersey State Federation of Woman's Clubs and the Franklin Woman's Club Fight for Clean Energy! 

End Labor and Sex Trafficking - The General Federation of Women's Clubs has designated January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.  UNICEF has developed a TOOLKIT to help the public understand the basics of human trafficking as it occurs locally and internationally. This kit will also describe efforts to fight human trafficking, and what you can do to help in your own community. 

Legislation:  S1693 and HR1865; Passage of these bills would facilitate the process of punishing traffickers who use online services to ply their trade.  They also target providers of interactive computer services who knowingly allow information on their sites that is in furtherance of sex trafficking offenses.

Update on HR 1865

HR 1865 was passed by the Senate on 3/21/18.  It was presented to President Trump on 4/3/18 and signed on 4/11/18, making it Public Law Number 115-164. (Source:

Protect Birds - The House Committee on Natural Resources passed an amendment to the SECURE American Energy Act  HR 4239 - 115th Congress/introduced in 2017) that would disable the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, a significant bird conservation law in effect since 1918. Click HERE for details.  If HR 4239 becomes law, industries would not be held accountable for bird deaths, such as those killed due to oil spills. 

Save the Bees!- Click HERE to learn  about proposed pesticide use on 165 Million Acres of US Farmland and how you can help.  

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